Thank you for visiting ODESSAPERMIAN.COM. The site was originally created after finding that other websites devoted to Permian High School had either been abandoned, were not updated with accurate information, or were simply ignored once football season ended. And with that, ODESSAPERMIAN.COM was born.

The following year, I was asked to join the Football Booster Club board of directors. ODESSAPERMIAN.COM became the official website of the Permian Booster Club. This provided alumni and fans of Permian a reliable source of accurate and up to date information as well as an exclusive online outlet for authorized Permian Booster Club merchandise, with a guarantee of price and complete customer satisfaction.

The MOJO internet experience was further enhanced when I was asked to videotape the team from the sidelines for the season highlight video. ODESSAPERMIAN.COM is now the exclusive authorized source for official Permian football highlights.
This website was created for the sole purpose of promoting the activities of the student-athletes of Permian High School and to provide up to date information to the loyal followers of MOJO. As a graduate of PHS and a board member of the Booster Club I consider it not only a duty, but a privelege as well, to serve the students, parents, and fans of Permian High School. The content on this site is posted with the intent of providing a positive and enjoyable MOJO experience. The images and articles are presented with that goal in mind. I encourage parents and others to do with them as they please (except where otherwise noted). Further, while other sites have sold our merchandise at a marked up price, attempted to collect fees, sold their website services to rival schools, or sold their own merchandise to subsidize their continued service, you can rest assured that this site is a labor of love, and I will never ask for so much as a penny to continue to provide this website.

100% of the proceeds generated from merchandise sales or donations through the website go to benefit the student athletes of Permian High School. This website belongs to YOU- the greatest fans of the greatest team in the state of Texas. We thank you for your support of Permian High School and ODESSAPERMIAN.COM- The Official website of The Permian Booster Club.